January 2, 2014

  • Bye bye Xanga, for now...

    Until Xanga shapes up and allows custom CSS and skinning, I will no longer be updating. Please go to www.knsaber.com to see updates. Sorry faithful Xanga followers, but this is an eye sore!

December 27, 2013

  • El Bob Revisits Puerto Rico

    El Bob finally takes a trip back to his homeland, in Puerto Rico after four years. This trip was a new experience and he really enjoyed it, but there's definitely so much more to see and hopefully more trips back in the future.

    El Bob's first official meal in Puerto Rico was a delicious empanada.

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December 23, 2013

  • Sexy Santas

    Don't you love holiday parties? I'll take any holiday as an excuse to throw a bunch of ladies together in one room. See the rest of the photos on my Facebook!

November 26, 2013

  • Hotel Monaco with Angela

    Angela and I met up at Hotel Monaco in D.C. for a sexy and playful session all in one. The mood of the photo is entirely dictated by the outfit, then the lighting, whether harsh and high contrast, or soft and bright. Blasting some good music helps the mood too!

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November 22, 2013

November 14, 2013

  • In the Studio with Kyla

    I've recently gone back to shooting with studio lights in front of a plain wall. It's addicting again. I have always loved simple and sexy. It really becomes just about the model and the photographer, no furniture or props to distract, it's all about her. These are different studio sessions all about Kyla.

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November 7, 2013

  • In the Bedroom with Kyla

    Imagine you wake up to Kyla. Imagine your weekend staying in and never leaving her. Imagine endless hours rolling around the sheets, feeling the warm sun through the windows. I believe as an artist, I have to feel these desires and emotions so I can project my thoughts into the work that I create. If I can't feel it, I don't want to shoot it, which is why chemistry between the model and photographer is so important. Enough talk, back to bed!

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November 6, 2013

November 5, 2013

  • In the Desert with Debbie

    Debbie sure knows how to make a hostile, hot, desert environment into a sexy photo shoot location. Ripped jeans and high heel boots, scaling the boulders, feeling the heat on the skin, it's easy to just peel back the layers. It almost feels like a music video. After the sun goes down, Debbie flirts around the property of a beautiful desert home.

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October 14, 2013

  • Correct Print Sizes

    Dear clients, please read your contracts and packages carefully, especially when you've paid a few thousand dollars for the professional to deliver products to you. So far, my most common complaint (even if only 3 times so far), is the apparent incorrect sized prints I provide the clients. Apparent, because the clients seem to read 8x10 inch prints, when it is written 8x12 inch on my package. I have clients demanding that I send them new images in the correct size. While I understand it seems to be a common consumer print size and most picture frames sold are 8x10, it is not the correct print size directly out of professional cameras. So here is a brief lesson on proper image ratios and why 8x12 is better for you.

    I offer two print sizes in one package, 8x12 and 4x6. You can do the math, it's the same ratio of 2:3. That means when you get the prints in either size, nothing is cropped and nothing is missing. You are getting everything you see. If you decide to get 8x10 photo, you have to crop 2 inches off, that's 16.66% of the image you are losing, and it becomes a 4:5 ratio.

    I will apologize in advance for all photographers who do not mentally think about a 4:5 ratio in their viewfinder while busy shooting a hectic wedding day. In the worst case scenario where you happen to buy an expensive custom frame that is in the incorrect ratio, I can always do some Photoshop magic and shrink the photo to fit a 4:5 ratio and reconstruct the missing edges with the clone tool. That is if you don't start the message with an angry and demanding tone of voice telling me I owe you a completely new set of photos.